Realme 7 Pro and Realme 6 Pro are now receiving an Android 11 update in India

Smartphone manufacturer Realme has been rolled out Android 11 update for his Realme 7 Pro and Realme 6 Pro smartphones. After months of testing, the company introduced the Android 11 update with Realme UI 2.0.
The company has confirmed that this is an incremental update and will gradually reach users.
With the Android 11 update, Realme 7 Pro and Realme 6 Pro users can enjoy features like standard screen recorder, better media controller, native smart home control, one-time authorization for apps, security fixes via Google Play and others.
The Android 11 update with Realme UI 2.0 contains version number RMX2170_11.C.20 for Realme 7 Pro and version number RMX2061_11.C.15 for Realme 6 Pro. The changelog for Android 11 update for both smartphones is the same.
Here is the full changelog of the update:
Personalize the user interface to make it your own
• You can now create your own background image by choosing colors from your photos.
• Third-party icons for apps on the home screen are now supported.
• There are three styles available in Dark Mode: Enhanced, Medium, and Gentle; Background images and icons can be set to dark mode. and the display contrast can be automatically adjusted to the ambient light.
high efficiency
• You can now drag text, images, or files from a floating window or from one app to another split-screen app.
• The editing page of the Smart Sidebar has been optimized: Two tabs are displayed and the order of the elements can be adjusted.
Improved performance
• Added “Optimized Night Charging”: An AI algorithm is used to control the charging speed at night and to extend battery life.
• Added “Sound Tones”: Consecutive notification tones are linked into a single melody.
• You can now set a time period during which do not disturb is activated.
• Weather animations added to give you a more interesting experience.
• Optimized vibration effects for text entry and gameplay
• Optimized “Automatic Brightness”.
• You can now remove a folder or combine it with another.
• Added filter for “Drawer mode”: You can now filter apps by letter, installation time or frequency of use in order to quickly find an app.
Security and privacy
• Added “System Cloner”: You can create a system clone from your main system and use different fingerprints to enter different systems.
• You can now toggle “App lock” on or off in quick settings.
• More powerful SOS functions
Emergency information: You can quickly view your personal emergency information to first responders. The information can also be viewed when your screen is locked.
• Optimized “Permissions Manager”: You can now select “Only allow once” for sensitive permissions to better protect your privacy.
• The Immersive Mode has been added, which reduces glitches while gaming so you can stay focused.
• You can change the way you summon the Performance Assistant.
• You can share your personal hotspot with others using a QR code.
• The “Cloud synchronization for Private Safe” function has been added, with which you can synchronize the photos in your Private Safe with the cloud.
• Optimized the photo editing function with updated algorithms and more markup effects and filters.
HeyTap Cloud
• You can back up your photos, documents, system settings, WeChat data and more and easily migrate them to a new phone.
• You can select the types of data to be backed up or restored.
• Shortcuts have been added so you can instantly share and edit photos or videos you have just taken
• The inertial zoom function has been added, which makes zooming smoother while recording video.
• The layer and grid functionality has been added to make video creation easier.
Realme Lab
• A sleep capsule has been added to help you plan downtime and secure your sleep time
• Added “Sound Booster”: You can amplify weak noises in the area and make loud noises quieter when wearing headphones.


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