Reddit is announcing a clubhouse-like feature called Reddit Talk

The popularity of the audio-based social networking app Clubhouse has forced existing social media giants to offer similar features.
Twitter and Facebook have already made their move and now Reddit announced its new live audio platform – called Reddit Talk. Interested users can afford the waiting list and the company will let them know when it will be available.
“During the first tests, only moderators can start conversations, but every Redditor on iOS and Android After these early tests, we will work with moderators so that other trusted community members can have conversations, ”the company said in a blog post.
Based on the images and features of the Reddit Talk, the platform appears to work a lot like Clubhouse.
The Reddit Talk allows any Redditor to join the room to listen and respond with emojis. You also have the option to raise your hand for the host to invite you to speak.
The moderators can invite, mute and remove speakers during a conversation. They can also completely remove unwanted users from the conversation and prevent them from rejoining.
Reddit said it is testing methods to customize the look and feel of Reddit Talk through emojis and background colors.
Reddit is introducing a social audio feature together with Facebook, Twitter, Slack, Discord, LinkedIn and Spotify.


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