Samsung Galaxy SmartTag + uses AR to find lost items

NEW DELHI: South Korean technology giant Samsung has launched a new variant of its property tracking device. Synchronized galaxy SmartTag +, this new variant, is equipped with both Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and ultra-broadband (UWB). The technology helps users find their misplaced or lost items using AR.
Samsung presented the Galaxy SmartTag at the earlier this year Galaxy unpacked Event. At that time, the company introduced two different flavors – one with built-in Bluetooth that works with Galaxy devices and the other with a UWB chip that works with it Galaxy S21 Equipment.
Now the company has unveiled the brand new Galaxy SmartTag +, which combines both technologies. Users can now use the Smart Tag’s AR technologies to find their objects.
The Samsung Galaxy SmartTag + can also connect to the Galaxy device network and allow users to find it on a map. To get the most out of these smart tags, users need to use them SmartThings Search function.
The Samsung Galaxy SmartTag + also has a single button and users need to press the button to perform various functions through the SmartThings app. All data in SmartThings Find is encrypted and protected so that only you are informed of the location of the tag.
Samsung has announced that the Galaxy SmartTag + will be available worldwide on April 16.


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