Samsung launches an app that turns iPhone into Galaxy devices

Switch from iPhone to Android is often jokingly referred to as the transition to the “dark side”. Of course there are people who switch, but these numbers remain perceptibly far and little in between. However, Samsung has launched a new app that turns iPhones into Galaxy smartphones.
“You will get a little taste of Samsung without changing phones. We can’t replicate every feature, but you should quickly realize that switching to the other side isn’t daunting, ”explained Samsung.
It’s called iTest, and it’s a web app that simulates the Android experience – specifically Samsung Galaxy – on an iPhone. As soon as you land on that I test The website will ask you to add the icon to the iPhone home screen. When you do, it will launch like any other app and show you what an Android interface and experience feels like.

There’s also a folder called Popular Apps that, when opened, has a prompt that says, Don’t worry, all of the apps you love are available. To be honest, most of them are Google products and we are good friends with these people. ”
To be fair to Samsung, it does a good job of allowing you to do a few things with the app. You can change the themes, browse the Galaxy Store, and even experience Samsung’s camera app. You will also get some simulated notifications once you are in the app. Oddly enough, the website has a “.nz” extension, which could mean it is being tested in New Zealand. However, as we tested, you can use the app anywhere in the world to get an idea of ​​the Samsung Galaxy experience.
It’s a fun little app that can give you a taste of Android when you’re on the iPhone. To get back to the iPhone, all you have to do is close the app like you would any other.


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