Samsung launches IoT-enabled washing machines, prices start at 35,400 rupees

GURUGRAM: Samsung has activated Artificial Intelligence (AI) that is bilingual Washing machine with Hindi and English user interface. This new range of fully automatic front loading washing machines is considered India’s first such range. The front-loading machine series has a new design and is equipped with the EcoBubble and QuickDrive technology developed by Samsung, which saves time and energy and at the same time offers 45% additional fabric care. The entire new range has a 5-star energy efficiency class that has been certified by BEE.
The new washing machine range includes 21 models, all of which are equipped with artificial intelligence (AI) functions that supposedly offer a customizable washing process. The AI ​​can learn and remember customers’ laundry habits, suggest the most frequently used wash cycle, and more.
Main features of the washing machine
AI control
The AI ​​controls offer intelligent solutions such as laundry recipe, laundry planning, home care assistant and location-based recommendations. The laundry planner feature allows users to plan the end time of their laundry, while the laundry recipe includes automatic recommendations for optimal wash cycles based on information such as the user’s color, type of fabric and degree of soiling, eliminating the need to guess which cycle is best. The HomeCare Assistant: It warns users of potential problems and offers quick troubleshooting.
Internet of Things (IoT) activated
The washing machine range can be connected to Samsung smart devices such as Galaxy smartphones, smart TVs and Family Hub refrigerators, as well as voice devices such as Alexa and Google Home to offer users a seamless, connected living experience.
Hygiene steam technology
The Hygiene Steam technology is said to be able to remove deeply rooted dirt and 99.9% of bacteria and allergens. “In the hygienic steam circuit, water, earth and detergent are first drained off. Secondly, a small amount of clean water is used to produce steam. Then the built-in heater boils water for 20 minutes. After the steam phase, it drains the water and starts rinsing and then continues move on to the next wash to complete the cycle, “the company said.
Auto dispense technology
It is said that the appropriate amount of detergent and softener is automatically dispensed for each load. It also contains enough detergent for up to a month of washing. In addition, Q-Bubble’s unique bubble algorithm results in increased detergent action for a faster wash cycle that saves up to 50% time. AddWash allows the user to add additional items or detergents after the wash cycle has started. You can add forgotten items, extra fabric softener, and only flushable items at any time during a cycle.
Drum Clean / Drum Clean +
This is to ensure that dirt and bacteria get out of the washing machine without the use of chemicals. It is claimed to remove 99.9% of the bacteria from inside the washing machine and remove dirt from the rubber seal. Based on Intertek testing of the Drum Clean + cycle. The washing machine will automatically notify the user when cleaning is required.
“Consumer convenience is a top priority with pandemic and smart home devices that make life easier. Our new AI-enabled washing machine range is a groundbreaking innovation with a user interface in Hindi and English, designed to provide simple, intelligent and personalized laundry solutions to consumers using machine learning. It has been customized for India with over 2,000 washing combinations and 2.8 million big data analysis points for different types of fabrics and can be controlled with a smartphone or a device connected to Samsung. This line-up will revolutionize the front-loading fully automatic washing machine segment that saw the greatest adoption last year and we are confident of becoming number 1 in this segment this year, ”said Raju Pullan, Senior Vice President, Business With Consumer Electronics, Samsung India.
Price, availability and offers
The new AI-enabled laundry is available from today (April 6, 2021) at all retail partners in India at a starting price of Rs 35,400. Selected models are available online at Amazon, Flipkart, Samsung’s official online store, Samsung Shop.
Consumers who purchase the new line of washing machines can take advantage of up to 20% cashback and simple financing options such as free EMI and EMIs from Rs 990.


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