SBI has important information on time deposits for online banking customers

The State Bank of India (SBI) has given its customers an important note about time deposits. It warns customers about impersonation by scammers SBI Bank Employees to obtain personal banking details from customers on the pretext of creating online fixed-term deposits.
In a post published on Twitter, the country’s largest public sector bank advises customers not to fall for such scams. In the tweet, SBI According to recent reports, cyber criminals have reportedly created online time deposits in customer accounts to commit social engineering fraud.
“We urge our customers not to give their bank details to anyone. Don’t fall in love with scammers posing as SBI. We never ask for personal information such as password / OTP / CVV / card number over the phone, ”SBI wrote in the tweet.

Banking-related cyber crimes have increased in recent years. Following simple safety tips and taking precautionary measures can help prevent you from falling victim to these online scams. Always remember that the bank or its employees will never ask for passwords, CVV, card number and OTPs.
Also, don’t fall in love with online deals that promise free gifts or reward money. There is no easy and safe way in the world to make money overnight. Be vigilant when visiting an ATM to make transactions. Take a quick scan of the location and make sure there are no objects like skimmers or hidden cameras. When inserting a card PIN, make sure you cover it with the palm of your hand.


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