Indus App Bazaar curates apps to keep users updated

Indus App Bazaar has curated a special category of featured Apps under “COVID-19 Resources” to provide people with information on how to tackle the ongoing pandemic. The category includes apps like 1MG, Practo, BigBasket, Country Delight, Bajaj Finserv Health and Paytmto name a few. Suniva Rawat, on the Covid-19 curation, AVPIndus App Bazaar, Marketing, said, … Read more

How the second wave of Covid-19 is likely to affect the Indian smartphone market

As the country grapples with the second – and heavier – wave of Covid-19, the Indian smartphone market is also affected, claims the latest report from IDC. “While the vaccine roll-out program generated positive sentiments earlier in the year, the start of the second wave of COVID-19 infections resulted in subdued consumer demand towards the … Read more

Google has 3 tips for you on what information you shouldn’t believe online

Technology giant Google shared tips on how to stop Covid-19 related misleading information online. In a post on the microblogging website Twitter, the company listed three measures that can help prevent fake news and videos spreading false information Coronavirus and the vaccination program in the country. “While staying at home and safe, you can also … Read more

6 Things to Look For When Buying a Pulse Oximeter

Monitoring blood oxygen levels at regular intervals is important to keep track of a’s health status Covid-19 infected patient. It can also help in deciding whether or not hospitalization is required. If you’re unsure which oximeter to buy, here’s a quick guide to buying it search for Pulse oximeter ArtThere are three types of pulse … Read more

Covid 19: This government website shares information about hospital beds, oxygen, plasma, and more

The second wave of the coronavirus hit the country really hard. Many people struggle to find it Hospital beds, oxygen Cylinders, medicines, and other medical resources to help treat their families and friends who have the viral infection. To make this easier, the government has launched a platform where users can find important pointers through … Read more

Got scammed on behalf of Covid-19 Drugs, Oxygen Delivery: Here’s What You Can Do

The lack of medical care for the treatment of Covid-19 in the country has forced many to rely on informal sources to meet the requirements. While there are many out there who are really helping the people affected by Covid-19 and their families, it is annoying to see many manipulating and taking advantage of the … Read more

Uber offers free rides to and from Covid vaccination centers

NEW DELHI: After the rollout Covid-19 The Indian government now has vaccines against people over 45 years of age vaccination Drive for anyone over the age of 18. The government started rolling out Covid-19 vaccines for people over the age of 18 on May 1. A hail service is provided to support people and encourage … Read more

Truecaller launches the Covid-19 health directory to find the correct health numbers

Truecaller has started Covid-19 Health directory for its users in India. The directory is a quick way to find hospitals and locate the correct health numbers. It will contain phone numbers and addresses of Covid-19 hospitals from different states in the country. The company announced the directory function in a blog post. “With the recent … Read more

iOS 14.5 replaces syringe with vaccine emoji on iPhones

NEW DELHI: Apple rolls iOS 14.5 Software update that includes important privacy updates as well as the ability to unlock your iPhone while wearing a mask. Along with these important changes, the update also brings a notable update – a vaccine Emoji. The company has updated its syringe emoji, which is not a coronavirus vaccine. … Read more

Here’s how to search for hospital beds, oxygen, and more using new Twitter features

NEW DELHI: With the second wave of coronavirus rising, people of India are turning to it social media for help. To make their lives easier and to help people, the microblogging website Twitter has introduced some new features. These advanced search capabilities help people find the availability of hospital beds, oxygen bottles, and similar drugs … Read more