google: Two new ways to activate Google Assistant on Android in development: Report

The Google assistant could get two new ways to be activated with Android 12. One possibility would be to hold down the power button on the Android phone, according to a report from PhoneArena. The report claims that according to the code in the latest version of the Google App, the company has already started … Read more

The Google Assistant has useful family features

NEW DELHI: Google recently added some new features to its virtual assistant. The tech giant has again announced some improved family features for Google assistant. The company has introduced improved broadcasts, new bells, and more. Google mentioned that it was introducing these functions on the occasion of Mother’s Day. With the new update, Google has … Read more

Google Assistant beat Siri and Alexa in this recent test

NEW DELHI: Google assistant has emerged as the best virtual assistant based on the latest data published by Bespoken. According to a report from, Google The assistant turned out to be better at answering complex questions compared to Siri and Alexa. The study conducted by Bespoken used Amazon Echo Show 5, Apple HomePod Mini, … Read more

Google adds three new features to the Google Assistant

Internet search giant Google announced a number of new updates to its voice-based assistant. The company announced that soon users will not only be able to teach Google assistant how to recognize names, but also how to have precise and contextual conversations. In the next few days, Google will assistant is assisted in pronouncing the … Read more

The Google Assistant set up this useful feature

NEW DELHI: If you give a lot of voice commands Google Assistant, here is some great news for you. As reported by XDA developers, soon Google assistant can execute a voice command offline. According to the new string code developed by XDA Developers, the Google Assistant can execute a voice command even when the user … Read more

Google makes it easier for users in India to take calls and messages while driving

Sending text messages or even answering a call while driving is an extremely dangerous thing to do. However, many people around the world continue to do this while putting their lives and that of others at risk. Google now introduces a feature that makes it easier for users to take calls and reply to messages … Read more