Facebook wants you to check this out before sharing an article

NEW DELHI: Social networking giant Facebook does everything possible to prevent the spread of misinformation during these difficult times. The company has announced that it will test a popup function. This popup feature asks users if they are sure they want to share an article they have opened. The popup asks users to read the … Read more

With this new function you can now “type” your favorite account on Twitter

NEW DELHI: Twitter improves the user experience by introducing new and interesting features. The microblogging website has now started introducing an interesting Tip Jar feature. Available to both Android and iOS With this new feature, users can send money straight to their favorite accounts. To use the Tip Glass feature, all you need to do … Read more

Covid 19: This government website shares information about hospital beds, oxygen, plasma, and more

The second wave of the coronavirus hit the country really hard. Many people struggle to find it Hospital beds, oxygen Cylinders, medicines, and other medical resources to help treat their families and friends who have the viral infection. To make this easier, the government has launched a platform where users can find important pointers through … Read more

Twitter introduces improved images and cropping features that keep users happy

NEW DELHI: It seems so Twitter is busy making new changes to improve the user experience. Recently, the microblogging website added support for 4K quality images, and now has made another change in terms of images that Twitter users like. Twitter has announced that from now on, users will no longer see cropped images on … Read more

Facebook restores the hashtag “Resign Modi” and says it was “accidentally” blocked.

NEW DELHI: Facebook received immense criticism after all content bearing the hashtag ‘ResignModi’ on its platform was abruptly blocked. Since the hashtag contained posts criticizing Prime Minister Narendra Modi, users suspected that the government may have asked Facebook to censor the posts. But Facebook has issued a statement denying allegations that it blocked the hashtag … Read more

Twitter starts testing professional profiles

Social networking tech giant Twitter has announced that it will test a new profile type on its platform called Professional profiles. According to company profiles, Professional Profiles enables anyone who uses Twitter for business purposes – such as companies, nonprofits, publishers, and creators – to view certain information about their company directly on their profile. … Read more

This will keep you up to date on Twitter during the elections

Microblogging website Twitter is ready to keep you updated on election-related news. Twitter is taking steps to ensure that people have conversations that are healthy, open, and safe. Search queriesIn cooperation with the Twitter, Twitter has introduced a function for search queries Electoral Commission of India and state election commissions. The feature makes it easy … Read more

Twitter will shortly be launching the desktop version of Spaces

The popularity of Clubhouse has forced the tech companies to come up with their alternative to keep users connected to their platform. Twitter also introduced its own clubhouse rival – Spaces for Android and iOS. Now it seems like the microblogging platform is ready to bring Spaces to the website Desktop. Twitter is to work … Read more

You can now add stickers to fleets using Twitter

Microblogging website Twitter adds sticker named for its Snapchat Stories-like feature Fleets. The stickers are available for both Android and iOS users. Now you can add stickers when creating a fleet. You can add stickers to your fleet by tapping the emoji icon on the bottom row of your screen. When you tap the icon, … Read more