Telegram: Telegram working on two new web apps: Report

Cloud-based instant messaging platform for privacy-conscious users telegram wants to improve its presence on the web by working on two new apps, according to a report by DroidMaze. The two apps – Telegram WebK and Telegram WebZ – are already available on the Telegram website.
The apps come with you properties like chat folder, sticker support, search and other new options. However, it lacks some of the important features required for regions that may go back into lockdown mode due to the COVID-19 virus: video and voice calls.
The report says that both apps are developed by different developers. It could be the case that only one App is selected as the main app.
In a previous report from TestingCatalog, Telegram added the ability to schedule voice chats in channels. The function is available as part of the beta update that the Telegram version v7.7.0 brings. It is expected to be available to all users in the coming future.
With this new feature channel Administrators can schedule a voice chat. The report also includes steps to schedule a voice chat on Telegram channels. To do this, administrators must first tap the channel icon and the three-dot settings menu in the top left. When it opens you can select “Start Voice Chat” and should look for and tap on the “Schedule Voice Chat” option. Users can select a time and date of their choice and then tap the button below to schedule voice chat.


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