That is why the Ministry of Health wants you to use this sticker pack on WhatsApp

India is experiencing a massive surge Covid-19 Cases. Staying at home and adopting Covid appropriate behavior like wearing a mask, practicing social distancing is more important than ever.
The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (MoH & FW) is looking for new and innovative methods to encourage citizens to stay at home. In a post on the microblogging website Twitter, the Ministry of Health encourages users to share and use them Whatsapp Stickers with friends and family to encourage them to use safe practices.
In its tweet, the ministry says that “adopting appropriate conduct from COVID can save you from completing COVID-19”.

The tweet also includes a link to a website where you can download Covid-19-related sticker packs for WhatsApp.
Earlier this month, Facebook’s WhatsApp released a Covid-19 sticker pack for its users. The sticker pack labeled “Vaccines For All” can be downloaded from the instant messaging app.
According to the chat platform, the new stickers were introduced to provide “a fun and creative way for people to connect and privately express the joy, relief and hope they offer about the possibilities of the Covid-19 vaccines and their appreciation to show for the heroes of health ”.


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