The next Apple Pencil could be more interesting

technology giant Apple has filed a new patent describing the addition of new features to the Apple pencil, according to a report from Patently Apple.
According to the patent, Apple plans to add a sliding mechanism to the side of the pen that can be used to increase or decrease the thickness of the pen input on an iPad. It can also be used to change the opacity. Apple included some diagrams in the patent application to explain the new concept of the pencil. According to an explanatory diagram in the patent, sliding your finger along the side of the pen towards the writing tip can activate a window of four options on your iPad: increase / decrease the thickness of the pen input, increase / decrease the opacity, reverse, or turn off.
In addition to sliding, there can also be taps with functions that are activated after a certain number of taps. For example, according to a diagram contained in the patent application, you can toggle between four options by double-tapping a certain point near the pen tip: Switch between the currently used tool and the eraser and display the color, in the palette, toggle the current tool against a new one or turn off the pen.
All of these little additions would make using the Apple Pencil for the iPad more interesting when the patent sees the light of day and Apple decides to incorporate it into the final design.


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