This could be Apple’s plan for future iPhone batteries

Apple We may want to introduce a new battery-related feature in future iPhones. Everything iPhone Users want an improvement, either in terms of charging or battery life. But the Cupertino-based tech giant may have a different battery aspect in its sights for now. After a newly granted patent According to the USPTO, the improvement that Apple is currently focusing on is to notify iPhone users when the battery is low. The patent is called “Smart Advice to Charge Notification”. It was submitted in 2018.
The abstract of the patent reads: “Systems and methods are disclosed to advise a user when to charge an energy store in a computer system. State of charge data of the energy storage device can be measured and saved at regular intervals. The historical state of charge data can be queried over several intervals and a state of charge curve generated that is representative of the charging habits of a user over time. The state of charge curve can be used to generate a charge rate histogram and an acceleration of the charge histogram. These can be used to predict when a user will next charge and whether the energy storage device will have an amount of energy below a predetermined threshold before the next predicted charge time. ”
According to Apple’s patent, the low battery notification for modern smartphones comes too late. The arrival of the notification leaves very little time for the phone to discharge. It looks like Apple is planning to improve on this time gap and get the future iPhones to send low battery notifications sooner so that the user has enough time to charge the device and save time. As of now, Apple doesn’t seem inclined to improve the charging speed or battery life of the iPhone, but has taken an indirect approach to solving the low battery issue.


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