This YouTube viral video sold for over $ 41,000

In the early days of Youtube In 2007, “Leave Britney Alone,” a video by Chris Crocker, was in the spotlight and is now considered viral. In the video, Crocker asked the tabloids to stop following the pop singer Britney Spears and leave them alone during their troubled phase and even collapsed on the screen. Now, after more than 23 years, the same “Leave Britney Alone” video has given him more than $ 41,000 in the form of one NFT (Non Fungible Token) at auction according to a report by Business Insider.
The original material from 2007 was reportedly auctioned by the author to an anonymous buyer. Crocker, who identifies himself as transgender, revealed in an interview with Business Insider that this move could be misinterpreted by many people. According to him, he felt he had “taken a lot of hits – literal hits you know,” and wanted to sell the video “to get the content and meaning back to the video after years of hits.” He also claimed that he did not make any money from the video after it was posted on YouTube.
Crocker said he was curious about the NFT digital media space and, with some help, uploaded the original video file as NFT. With the money he has received, he would first like to help his grandmother. If there was still money left, he would “absolutely use it so that I can become myself” and “live openly as a woman”.


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