Total War Rome: Total War: Rom Remastered is available for pre-order

Creative assembly and the icon from Feral Interactive Total war Game Rome has now been remastered in 4K. Total War called: Rome remastered, the Strategy game can be pre-purchased on the steam Platform for Rs 1,699. The game will be unlocked on Steam tomorrow.
Rome Remastered offers 4K optimization and ultra-widescreen support. To play the game in 4K, players would need to download the Enhanced Graphics Pack. The in-game camera has been improved and players can zoom out more campaign Mode. The campaign maps have been redesigned with updated, high-resolution models and newly textured units. The in-game buildings and other objects have been rebuilt, and environmental factors such as heat haze and clouds of dust have been added.
“A whole new type of agent has also been added to the fight. Traders can be sent all over the world to establish trade relationships, access resources and buy out rivals in order to increase your income and maintain the economic power of your faction, ”adds the Steam description of the game.
38 factions and online multiplayer with cross-platform support
There are a total of 38 playable factions in the game, consisting of the 16 additional factions that were previously banned. You can battle friends in online multiplayer on Windows, macOS, and Linux. A new tactical map called Battle has been added. There are also heatmaps and new symbol overlays for diplomacy and security.
Players who already own the original Total War: Rome can get the revised version at half price until May 31st.


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