Twitter starts testing professional profiles

Social networking tech giant Twitter has announced that it will test a new profile type on its platform called Professional profiles.
According to company profiles, Professional Profiles enables anyone who uses Twitter for business purposes – such as companies, nonprofits, publishers, and creators – to view certain information about their company directly on their profile.
In a screenshot for its own Twitter Business profile page, the company shows that it will introduce a new design with additional information such as address and contact information next to the main profile name.
Twitter will first test the “Professional Profiles” function with a small pool of companies in the US and expand this to more such accounts in the coming months, the company said in a tweet.

This professional profile feature could be a step towards creating more revenue generating methods for the company. It is possible that Twitter may introduce exclusive features for paid company profiles as part of Professional Profiles.
Back in February, a report from Bloomberg suggested that a number of Twitter teams were investigating subscription offers such as ad-free feed, tweetdeck, exclusive content, higher quality video, Twitter verification badges, Twitter analytics and profile customization assistance.
“Increasing sales stability is our top priority. You will see that we continue to search and experiment for ways to further diversify our sales through ads in 2021 and beyond, “Bruce Falck, Product Manager for Sales, said in a statement to TechCrunch at the time.
“This may include subscriptions and other approaches that enable people and businesses of all sizes on Twitter to access unique features and improve the ways they create, discover and engage with content,” he added.


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