Uber offers free rides to and from Covid vaccination centers

NEW DELHI: After the rollout Covid-19 The Indian government now has vaccines against people over 45 years of age vaccination Drive for anyone over the age of 18. The government started rolling out Covid-19 vaccines for people over the age of 18 on May 1.
A hail service is provided to support people and encourage everyone to take vaccines Over introduced a function for freeride. Uber is now offering free rides for people to get to the nearest vaccination center and get vaccinated.
In a shared email, Uber said, “transport should not be an obstacle to access to the Covid-19 vaccine. For this reason, we offer free rides to and from vaccination centers for anyone eligible for vaccination. ”
If you’re eligible or know someone who is eligible to be vaccinated, you can get free Uber rides.
To redeem a free ride. You can follow the steps below.
– Tap the menu in the top left of the Uber app and select “Wallet”.
– Select “Add Promo Code” below
– Add the promo code 10M21V
– Navigate to the start screen and enter the pick-up / drop-off location for the nearest vaccination center
– Confirm your trip
In addition to India, Uber also offers this similar service in the US to encourage people to get vaccinated.
In the meantime, you can search for the nearest vaccination center on WhatsApp. MyGov Corona Helpdesk The nearest vaccination center can now be found on WhatsApp. As announced in a post from the MyGovIndia Twitter handle, all you have to do is enter ‘Namaste’ on WhatsApp at 9013151515.
The chatbot generates an automatic response. In order to find the nearest Covid vaccination center, the six-digit PIN code must be entered.


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