valheim: Over 7 million copies of the Viking game Valheim have been sold

Valheim, the open world Viking game, goes steadily in the popularity charts. The game has sold over 7 million copies to date, but was about seven weeks young and in its early stages, according to a report from People have been flocking to buy and play the game since it became available. The game had passed the four million player mark on the steam Platform within three weeks of launching in Early Access. During that time, the game had also hit 5 lakh simultaneous Steam players, making it the top 5 most played games in Steam history.
in the Valheimyou can involve your friends to play as a team. The game can only be played in the third person. It had 2 million players within 13 days of its launch, a number that has grown steadily.
The game takes place in the realm of Valheim, the tenth northern realm, where you play as a fallen hero who was carried by the Valkyries. You can explore the wilderness of Valheim, hunt animals, build structures and habitats, forge weapons and armor. Basically, try to live a life of adventure and survive the same.
Iron Gate AB, the developers of Valheim, has improved the game with a new patch 0.150.3. Some of the changes listed on the Steam page include: correcting the position of the swamp draugr spawner to prevent draugr spawning in rocks, lox pet sfx fix, torches in locations that no longer have constructions should help correct the dolmen site stone size and put a new system of changing the terrain in place. The full list of changes can be found on the game’s Steam page.


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