WhatsApp Pink Virus: Beware of the WhatsApp Pink virus that spreads online and can hack your phone

A message continues to circulate Whatsapp Groups claim to turn WhatsApp pink. Users are warned as experts say this is malicious message with a virus link. Clicking the link will hack users’ phones and they may lose access to their WhatsApp account.
In a post on social media, cybersecurity expert Rajshekhar Rajaharia wrote, “Be careful WhatsApp pink!! A virus is spread in WhatsApp groups with an APK download link. Don’t click a link named #WhatsappPink. You will lose full access to your phone. ”
This is not the first time instant messaging has been run App WhatsApp is used by threat actors for cyber fraud. Aside from spreading fake news and rumors, Facebook’s own platform has become a tool for criminals to carry out nefarious activities like money fraud, job fraud and more.
It has been found that multiple WhatsApp users are sharing the malicious link. The news is said to be an official update from WhatsApp that not only changes the color of the app to pink, but also brings more functions to the app. Users are advised not to install any APKs or mobile apps other than those available in the official Google and Apple app stores.
Downloading apps from unknown sources can compromise the security of the device and result in the loss of personal data.
Jiten Jain, director of cyber intelligence company Voyager Infosec, said, “Such malicious apps can be used to compromise your phone and steal personal information like photos, SMS, contacts, etc. Keyboard-based malware can be used to do anything keep track of what you type. It can be used to capture and steal bank passwords. The current case of Pink WhatsApp or Whatsapp Gold is also a case of malware masquerading as fake WhatsApp feature apps. ”


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