WhatsApp users, sending voice messages can get easier

If you are one Whatsapp Users and use their voice messaging feature frequently, then you must have wished at least once that there was some way to play a message before sending it. But since the popular instant messaging App If this feature is not available, you must either send the message as is or delete it, record it again and then send it.
However, it was found that the company is working on supporting a voice message verification tool that will put an end to this hassle.
According to a report from WABetaInfo, the online platform that is tracking the upcoming changes and features in Facebook’s own app, this feature allows users to listen to voice messages before sending them.

According to the screenshot in the WABetaInfo report, the app will add a review button next to the send icon, which will appear as soon as you record a voice message in the app.
The option to review voice messages is currently under development and isn’t even available to beta users of the app, according to WABetaInfo. However, it is expected to be released for both iiOS and iiOS Android Users in a future update.
Last week it was also reported that WhatsApp started rolling out support for different playback speeds for voice messages for Android beta users of the app.
The function was first discovered in March in the Android beta version of the app. With the introduction of WhatsApp Beta for Android, the function is now made available.
With this feature, WhatsApp users can not only play audio messages at 1 times the standard speed, but also play audio files at 1.5 times or 2 times the speed.
The feature is currently available to WhatsApp Android beta users. However, it is expected to be made available to non-beta users as well iOS Users soon too.


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