Windows 10: Windows 10 to get these new Bluetooth audio capabilities

Microsoft finally added support for AAC Codec for bluetooth too Windows 10 that would make listening to music online via bluetooth much better. AAC, or Advanced Audio Codec, is designed to deliver high quality streaming audio in smaller files. Microsoft announced this and it is more Windows Insider Preview Build 21370.
Another announced audio function is the “uniform endpoint”. This means that you no longer have to switch to multiple audio points when you connect your bluetooth headset to your Windows 10 device. There is only one visible audio endpoint in the user interface that will automatically switch to the most appropriate one. For example, users are given more than one audio option when they connect a Bluetooth headset to Windows (such as “Handsfree AG Audio” and “Stereo”) and have to manually select from these, which Microsoft calls audio endpoints, and to switch to others if the audio output doesn’t sound right. Microsoft plans to eliminate the hassle of switching from one to the other and only include one audio endpoint in the user interface to make streaming audio over Bluetooth easier.
Other changes in Windows 10
Aside from the Bluetooth audio that Microsoft listed in the Windows Insider Preview, there are a few other changes. Microsoft has “made some small adjustments to the icons in the address bar of the file explorer”. The animation for starting the touch keyboard has been made smoother, “in cases where UWP apps flow again when they appear,” according to the company. After Windows 10 received the new update, the touch keyboard will now display a backslash () when you put focus on the Run dialog box.


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