YouTube users have more control over the quality of streaming video on mobile devices

Google’s own video streaming platform Youtube introduced new options for its users to stream video.
With these new options, users have more choices about the quality in which they want to stream a video.
These new options were introduced as part of a server-side update to the mobile app that gives users more options in terms of video resolution when viewing a video.
As part of the new options, YouTube now shows four options:
Car (recommended)
As before, ‘Auto’ is the default option, which changes the quality of the streaming in direct proportion to the bandwidth speed.
Higher image quality
The ‘higher picture quality’ – as the name suggests, transmits streams to a better resolution and therefore uses more data that is not specified.

Data saver
The ‘Data Saver’ is the exact opposite of the former in that it transmits lower resolution video and uses less data.
Finally, the Advanced option allows you to specifically choose the resolution in which you want to stream the video. You can choose up to 4KB here, but you can find out if your device supports it.
Right below these four options, YouTube also provides a link to set the default streaming quality for all videos.
Here you will find a separation between mobile data and WLAN. In either case, the options are Auto, Higher Image Quality and Data Saver. Even though you’ve set your default settings, users still have the option to choose a specific resolution for video playback for each video.


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